How nice that you found me here. My name is Annika, I am 23 years old and I come from a beautiful region in the middle of Germany. 

The fun of drawing and painting as well as the passion for animals have been with me all my life.

I grew up with dogs, cats and horses and I have always been enthusiastic about the diversity of the animal world, which is why my pictures mostly showed animals as a child.

At around the age of 10, the demand for realistic drawing grew and gradually more and more pencil portraits were created. What started with the pure fun of the joy quickly grew and so I was soon able to draw my first comission portraits.

When I switched to high school, I had a long break from drawing, I mainly took care of my high school diploma during this time and the transition to my architecture studies, but it happened as it had to and I missed picking up the pencils regularly.

Today it is mainly thanks to my family and my boyfriend that I can share my passion for art, as I am supported from all sides at all times.

In addition to studying, I’m now trying to get people excited about art as well,
as it inspires me and pass on as much of my knowledge as
I can.




 “The noblest art is that of making others happy” –

P.T. Barnum


A drawing is a very special kind of memory that makes it possible for me
capturing not only the appearance of an animal, but also its essence … the
Character and personality.

The best present is to see the joy in the eyes of the owner, when
they hold the finished portrait in their hands and tell me that they see exactly their pet.